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Heavy Duty Truck Clutch Installation

The Clutch Job is the industries first truck mounted lift system guaranteed to make the installation of heavy duty clutches easier and safer for the mechanic. This patented device provides the mechanic with the ability to lift the clutch plate while under the vehicle and maintain control throughout the clutch installation process. THE CLUTCH JOB greatly reduces the chances of a back injury since the mechanism does all of the lifting for you. Make sure you are using THE CLUTCH JOB the next time you are working on heavy duty truck clutches. It's sure to make the clutch install the easiest and safest you have ever done.

The Demonstration Stand

Pictured below is a demonstration stand that consists of a flywheel housing and flywheel mounted on a stand that approximates the height of the housing if it were mounted in a truck chassis.



1) First remove the transmission, being certain the transmission is safely attached to the transmission jack.

2)   Move the transmission back from the engine–more is easier–but approximately 14” separation between the flywheel housing and the transmission is adequate to install the flywheel and clutch assembly.

3) Remove clutch, and, if necessary, remove the flywheel.


Step Two-Reinstallation of the Flywheel

1)  Attach flywheel lift bracket to flywheel with two bolts.


Step Three-Attaching THE CLUTCH JOB

1)  Attach The Clutch Job to the flywheel housing with two bolts at the 3:30 and 4:30 position.

2)  Make sure these bolts are of adequate length and Grade 5 or better.

3)  Also, make sure the flywheel housing bolt holes don’t have threads pulled and are not broken out.

4)  Torque attaching bolts 55-lb. ft.


Step Four-Attaching Flywheel to

1)  Slide the flywheel into position and tip it to the vertical position.

2)  Attach the Flywheel Lift Bracket to The Clutch Job boom.


Step Five-Installing the Flywheel

1)   Lift the flywheel into position with the hand pump. You will need to use dowel bolts of adequate length to transfer flywheel from lift bracket to the crankshaft.

2)   The flywheel lift bracket will also lift the 14” pot style flywheels. For this type, reverse the lift arm on the flywheel bracket.


Step Six-Installing the Clutch Assembly

1)  Install the Pilot Lift Tool through clutch assembly.


Step Seven-Securing the Safety Bolt

1)  Tip the assembly to the vertical position to secure the safety bolt behind the flange of the release bearing.


Step Eight-Loading the Clutch Disks

1)  Lower the assembly down to the floor back into a horizontal position.

2)  Install the disks and center plate on to The Pilot Lift Tool.

3)  Slide the clutch into position under the truck on the base of The Pilot Lift Tool.


Step Nine-Positioning the Unit

1)  Tip the assembly to the vertical position and attach it to the hook on The Clutch Job.

2)   If The Clutch Job hook is too high to attach The Pilot Lift Tool, simply tip the assembly onto a block of wood of adequate thickness to make up the difference. This would only happen on specialty trucks with extra tall tires.



Step Ten-Positioning the Assembly

1)  Lift The Clutch Job into position with the hand pump and slide the assembly forward to the flywheel.

2)  Align bolt holes and install loosely, with the two bolts replica tag heuer opposite of one another.

3)  Before tightening pressure plate bolts, release pressure off the hydraulic hand pump. Torque pressure plate bolts.



Step Eleven-Removing the Unit

Remove The Pilot Lift Tool and The Clutch Job and you are ready to install the transmission.




About Us

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